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Secure Savings


The financial world is a very uncertain place today. Recent developments in the Eurozone have made people very uncertain about the security of their money. In such an environment, some people simply want a safe haven for their money. But what is a safe haven? Are banks safe havens and if so, which ones?

Traditionally people simply placed money on deposit with their own bank, assuming this was 100% secure. Not so any more. Now depositors need to consider a wide range of deposit institutions, each covered by a range of deposit guarantee schemes, offering a variety of interest rates and deposit terms.

At MCG Financial Services Ltd, we monitor the guarantee schemes, deposit rates and terms of these institutions and help people identify the best deposit product for their money. We then help them to get the deposit account set up with the institution identified. So whether you have a lump sum or wish to save on a regular basis, talk to us and we can advise on options available from a range of institutions that are all covered by a Deposit Protection Scheme.

Our aim is to ensure that you can sleep easy, knowing that your money is secure and gaining the best rate of return available to you.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get the best return on your deposits, please give us a call.