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Retirement Planning

Maintaining our lifestyle after retirement is an important goal for most of us. At MCG Financial Services Ltd, we call this “Achieving Financial Independence”. We work closely with our clients to demonstrate that steps taken now will shape your financial health in your latter years.

Due to the advances in medical science, we’re all living longer now than before, and while this is of course good news, it also comes with a price. Your pot of money needed to see you through retirement now needs to be bigger to see you through this longer period. And unfortunately most of us are not happy to rely on the state looking after us in our latter years. With the country’s finances under severe pressure, the current levels of old age pensions are at best, very unlikely to increase over the next few years.

At MCG Financial Services Ltd we work with our clients to help them plan to achieve financial independence in retirement. The retirement planning that you carry out in your working years is the key to accessing your desired lifestyle in retirement. It’s simple really; save now in a tax efficient manner in order to spend later.

Tax benefits sit at the heart of retirement planning – there is a range of taxation benefits to support you in your retirement planning:

  • Tax relief on the contributions that you make
  • You pension fund grows free of any taxes
  • You can take a portion of your pension fund out tax-free at retirement.

But just availing of the tax benefits is not enough. We help you to understand your retirement objectives, identify the right pension structure for you based on your specific circumstances and ultimately help you to choose the right product and investment strategy for you. Pension planning is a complex area, it’s our role to understand fully the pension regulations and identify the right retirement solution for you.

At the end of the day, we recognise that funding your lifestyle in retirement is a long road. You need to start as early as possible to avail of all the tax breaks and to give yourself the greatest chance of meeting your retirement objectives. At MCG Financial Services Ltd, we want to travel on this long road with you, every step of the way. So we help you develop your retirement plan at the outset and then every year we review the plan to ensure you are still on course to achieve your objectives.

If you would like to find out more about how we help our clients to achieve their retirement objectives, please contact us.