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Financial Planning

At MCG Financial Services Ltd, we help people to identify and achieve their financial objectives. To do this, we believe that successful financial planning is based on 3 core themes:

Rigorous Financial Planning Process

We have a tried and tested planning methodology, to ensure we correctly identify your financial objectives and put in place the right solutions for you. Utilising this structured approach, we gather all the relevant information to advise you properly, as ultimately this information forms the basis for every solution recommended.

Financial Planning

Listening Skills

Our role begins with gaining a full and complete understanding of your specific requirements and your current situation. It is our job to ensure that all of the relevant information that we need in order to advise you successfully is brought to the surface. To do this, we listen to you very carefully. We’ll also help you in this process, by asking relevant and sometimes probing questions, At the end of the day, the quality of the solutions will be affected by the quality of information we receive before advising you!

The Right Solutions

Once we are clear about all of the factors regarding your financial situation and outlook, and indeed you financial objectives for the future, we then use our extensive experience and our knowledge of the market today to deliver the very best financial solutions to meet your needs.

Financial Solutions