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How’s life?

No, no, no – really how’s life? We’re not saying this just as a polite greeting, but instead are asking this as many people have become a bit more reflective after the pandemic, as we’ve all seen how our lives can be totally upended by something completely from left field. Unfortunately, a small number of our clients were (and one or two continue to be) quite sick from covid and we know people who also suffered bereavement because of the wretched virus. These people have unsurprisingly been reflecting on their new circumstances.

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What are your financial needs now?

We spend our days helping clients to plan their financial futures. What we see is that people face similar challenges depending on their stage of life. At the same time of course, each and every one of us has a unique set of circumstances, has our own specific financial objectives and needs bespoke advice to help us reach our goals.

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How will you reduce your tax bill?

Tax is a necessary evil. If we want to live in a country with access to public services, taxation is the system used to pay for these services. We can (and do!) argue and moan about the different levels of tax payable and whether they are levied fairly. But at the end of the day, the money to be used for public services has to be collected somewhere.

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Cohabiting is not always a walk in the park

We decided to write about this topic after listening to a very sad radio interview recently. It was with a father of three children, who had recently been bereaved after the death of his life partner of 20 years, the mother of his children. She passed away as the result of a medical condition, that was further complicated when she contracted Covid-19.

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What have we learned from living through the pandemic?

We’re currently doing a lot of planning work with clients whose financial situations have changed greatly in the last 18 months. As part of this process, we’ve taken a little bit of time to stop and reflect on some of the changes to their lives in general, how these might impact their future and how these changes feed through into their financial plans. We’ve noticed a number of themes emerging.

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What impact has Covid had on claims figures?

We  were wondering recently about the impact that COVID has had on claims within the life assurance sector, and so we decided to do a bit of investigation by examining Irish Life’s (the leading provider of protection products in Ireland) claims data for 2020. While we have written in previous years about claims data, we were particularly eager to see the data for 2020, in order to see the impact that COVID had on the figures. There were 2 main headlines for us in the numbers,

  1. There was a reduction in the numbers of claims notified & paid during 2020 vs 2019.
  2. COVID related death claims accounted for 4% of Irish Life’s death claims paid in 2020.
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Three things to know about Evidence Based Investing

Evidence Based Investing (EBI) is gathering more and more supporters and advocates around the world, and as a result is starting to appear quite frequently in investment commentary and indeed the mainstream media. It is a term that you may or may not be familiar with, so we’re taking the opportunity to inform you of what you need to know about it.

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What can we learn from Warren Buffett?

Where do you start with Warren Buffett? Widely recognised as the world’s shrewdest investor, the “Sage of Omaha” is now 90 years young and still doling out nuggets of advice to investors across the globe. Using his investment expertise, he had amassed a fortune of some $79 billion as of August 2020, making him the 4th wealthiest individual in the world.

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