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Monthly Archives : June 2022

What’s important financially, when in your 30’s

This is the first in a series of articles that will be aimed at people at different stages of life. Today we’re starting with those in their younger more carefree years, but probably with an eye on financial planning – the 30 somethings! For this group there are lots of competing priorities – a house to be bought, maybe a wedding to be celebrated or a family to be started. And these also don’t take into account the holidays, cars and social life that are there to be enjoyed too… So here are our thoughts on some of the important financial challenges facing this group.

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Claims sit at the heart of what we do

We await with interest each year the claims statistics from the leading protection providers in the Irish market. Irish Life annually issue very insightful and detailed information about their claims (as do other providers), and we’ve taken the opportunity to dig a little into the claims data from their Retail division for 2021. 

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